Conlon Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy Services
Conlon Physical Therapy provides customer friendly services that are always performed with the patient in mind. Assisting you in reaching your health care goals is why we are in business.  We offer comprehensive services that include an initial evaluation, an individualized treatment plan, and a home exercise program specifically designed to meet your needs.   

Injuries and Conditions treated:
Sprains, strains, and post fracture rehabilitation
Conditions of the lower extremities: hip, knee, ankle, foot
Conditions of the upper extremities: Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand
Rotator cuff rehabilitation
Total joint replacements, i.e. knee, hip, shoulder, ankle
Pre and post operative orthopedic and neurological conditions
Low back pain, neck pain, other spinal conditions
Sports injuries and return to sports rehabilitation
Vestibular and balance disorders and conditions
Migraines and cervicogenic headaches
Workers compensation and auto injuries

Other Services:
HD Video Running Assessments
Proper shoe fitting
Massage therapy (coming soon!)

Manual Therapy
Dr. Conlon is highly trained in manual therapy and skilled at providing the appropriate interventions intended to get you better and alleviate your pain. These techniques are specifically designed to identify and correct any underlying abnormalities in the muscles and joints by way of skilled passive movements and mobilizations of the soft tissues and joints. Dr. Conlon has over 26 years of health care experience, the past 16 years of which have been as a physical therapist.    

Therapeutic Interventions
Conlon Physical therapy will develop an individualized exercise program that is tailored to meet your goals.  Dr. Conlon is a highly trained master clinician who will ensure that your program is the right one for you and modify as needed to fall within post operative guidelines or your stage of recovery from injury.  


​Return to Sports/Activities

Conlon Physical Therapy is trained to progress you back to your usual sports and recreational activities using the best and most current evidence-based treatment techniques that will give you the best chance to return to your prior functional level without increased risk of re-injury. With this approach you will be able to return to your sport or recreational activities with a higher level of confidence and peace of mind.